Paul from Bury St Edmunds qualifies as one of only 40 beer experts in the World

Paul  Feuer at The Beerhouse in Bury.
Paul Feuer at The Beerhouse in Bury.
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A pub general manager in Bury St Edmunds has become one of only 40 people in the World to become a sommelier with The Beer Academy.

Paul Feuer from The Beerhouse on Tayfen Road is now a recognised beer expert.

The Beerhouse

The Beerhouse

He can match beers to accompany food, recognise beer defects, and by taste alone recognise where a beer was made and what style it is.

““Beer has always been a passion of mine. It is very exciting to be an ambassador for beer,” he said.

“Sommelier is traditionally is a term for a wine waiter but I find beer more exciting, more interesting. The range is more vast – there is more to sample.”

During his assessement Paul had to blind test 30 different beers, recognise their style and where they are from, and pick out the four that had ‘defects’ such as being too acidic, or which had gone off.

He is now matching beers to the menu at The One Bull which is part of the same group as The Beerhouse.

And Paul believes the old days of people going out and just drinking brand lagers are in the past, as more and more microbreweries flood the market with exciting beers.

“People now want to taste something new and interesting. It’s great,” he said.

David Marjoram, whose company Gusto Pronto owns The Beerhouse, said: “It’s a huge achievement for Paul and The Beerhouse that he is one of so few people in the World to reach beer sommelier status.

“It means that our customers will benefit from a much broader range of beer knowledge than would normally be possible.”

The British Institute of Brewing and Distilling run The Beer Academy.