Patients to get a helpful phone call

News from the Bury Free Press
News from the Bury Free Press
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Patients are to get help to remember their outpatient appointments at West Suffolk Hospital.

An automated service will phone patients a week before their appointment to remind them of the date, time and place. They will also still receive reminder letters in the post giving them full details of their appointments.

Last year there were 20,795 missed appointments at the hospital.

The new scheme will begin next week starting at the diabetes clinic and then roll out across all outpatient clinics. It also enable the hospital to offer unwanted appointments to other patients.

Managers are also investigating introducing a text message reminder for patients.

Debs Wakefield, outpatients manager, said: “Although the number of missed appointments is just below the national average we are always looking for ways to reduce the number further. This will help patients who have forgotten their appointment and make it easier to re-book.”