Party-goer assaulted over car damage

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A 23-year-old man assaulted a party-goer who he believed smashed the windows of his car, a court heard.

Sean Headley, of Queen’s Road, Brandon, pushed Omar Parfett to the floor after being told he had damaged his Vauxhall Corsa.

Appearing at West Suffolk Magistrates’ Court on Friday, he admitted common assault by beating on September 22.

Prosecuting, Sarah-Jane Atkins said Mr Parfett travelled to Mildenhall to attend a party hosted by Headley at the Bell Hotel.

She said: “The defendant wanted him to pay an entry fee and he didn’t feel he should because he had lent some speakers to the defendant.”

Mr Parfett was standing at the back of the premises whenHeadley ran towards him and pushed him over.

He sufferd grazing to his right cheek, a cut above his right eye and grazing to the left side of his waist.

Mr Parfett later attended West Suffolk Hospital for treatment.

During the incident, Headley was the subject of a two year conditional discharge made in January 2011 for a battery offence.

Jeremy Kendall, in mitigation, said Headley, whose hobby is DJing, doesn’t know Mr Parfett or accept that he lent him any equipment.

He said: “He wasn’t directly involved in this altercation in trying to get into the Bell Hotel. The door staff wouldn’t let him in and it was nothing to do with Mr Headley at all because he was in the venue.

“It wasn’t until a girl said ‘your Vauxhall Corsa has been damaged by the man trying to get in’, he put two and two together.

“He still believes Mr Parfett damaged his car.”

Two windows on the driver’s side had been ‘put in’.

Mr Kendall said Headley ‘engages in a lot of community work and a lot of it is on a voluntray basis’.

He has also started a degree course at Anglia Ruskin University

Magistrates decided to allow Headley’s conditional discharge to run to the end of its period as he had ‘remained out of trouble’ for 20 of the 24 months it was imposed for and they felt he had ‘turned his life around’.

However, for the assualt he was fined £135 and ordered to pay £75 compensation, £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.