Partnership stages conference over SOR

Bury Schools Partnership conference
Bury Schools Partnership conference
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School heads and specialists in Bury St Edmunds met for a conference on the ongoing Schools Reorganisation in the town, hearing progress was on track and that school buildings will be ready for the final transformation in September 2016.

Three headteachers whose schools have been involved in the process elsewhere in the county spoke of their experiences at the conference on Monday.

Speakers were Rachel Bailey, from Abbots Hall Primary in Stowmarket and Russell Clark from Combs Ford Pirmary School, a national speaker on curriculum. Also on the platform was Wayne Lloyd from Thomas Gainsborough School in Great Cornard who spoke about the transition between KS2 and KS3.

The conference heard that £23million was in the budget for new school buildings in the area including a high school on Moreton Hall.

Rob Walden, assistant head of King Edward V1, said that the Bury Schools Partnership now has 20 schools within its cohort all aimed at putting the children at the heart of the transfer.

“The conference was to enable us to learn from other people and had a particiular sense of solidarity. There was a lot of good stuff to be shared. We are confident that everything is on track.”

Mr Walden said that weekly meetings between headteachers had enabled the process to move forward and had galvanised headteachers. Much had already been done in sharing experiences between schools,

“We have been sharing expertise and resources and linking high schools with primary schools and now is the time to make that more formal.”

As a parent whose two sons have been part of the transformation in the Thurston schools partnership he said the process had worked well.”I am absolutely stunned by the sheer passion and level of integrated relationships built between the headteachers.

“I’ve had three years of anxieties like any other parent with most of these unfounded. In fact my youngest son has had a really strong sense of being on top of his school with leadership opportunities.” The process is about building this around the children.”