Karen Cannard: My hair cut highlights recycling issues

Karen Cannard has her hair cut for the One Show
Karen Cannard has her hair cut for the One Show
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To my friends who had the shock of their lives on Friday at 7.25pm while watching the One Show on BBC1, I apologise.

In our house, the family atmosphere was doing a belly-flip with the children pointing at the TV, squealing in surprise at seeing their mum on TV, while my husband burst into a solo performance of deep chuckles.

Meanwhile, I retreated to the farthest corner of the room, peering through my fingers while humming quietly.

My minute of self-imposed torture was all over in a flash.

The story goes back to 2011 when I met Michael Douglas, the One Show’s street barber, at a conference in London. He’d already gained a reputation for interviewing people while cutting their hair in unusual settings.

“Have you ever done a haircut on landfill?” I asked.

“No, only at a recycling centre centre,” he replied.

I could see him mulling the idea over. He wanted to.

“But nah, the producers would never go for it. It’s too soon.”

“Shame,” I thought. It would have been an eye-catching way of promoting the issues with landfill and the importance of recycling more. I’d already been to landfill and seen the amount of waste that gets buried unnecessarily.

Then all forgotten about and merrily going about other madcap ideas, in November 2012 an email arrived in my inbox. The landfill idea was on and after a week of negotiations, they confirmed they would be coming to Suffolk, leading to a full day’s filming at Great Blakenham.

The fun of filming in November soon gave way to over-whelming nerves last Friday while awaiting the actual broadcast. The old saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’ came to mind. After 40 minutes of being interviewed, which soundbites would they choose?

Of course, now it’s all over, I wonder if I’d do it again.

Despite an afternoon of feeling sick with anticipation, most worryingly, the answer is probably!