KAREN CANNARD: I’m feeling blue over all this dog poo

A personal view by Karen Cannard
A personal view by Karen Cannard
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Something stinks around our town and I don’t particularly like it. It’s got so bad that the council has had to resort to painting temporary pictures of dogs on our suburban pavements, and I don’t blame them.

For the uninitiated, they are pictures of little blue dogs pooping on floor, accompanied with a strong message to ‘Clean it up’.

I am a rather tolerant human being but one thing that I cannot bear is dog poo. I am not even going to beat about the bush and call it by any other name. Any dog owner leaving it on the ground is not just being irresponsible, it’s anti-social too!

While most dog-owners are responsible, it only takes a few to mess it up for our communities. Places that are otherwise loved, where children play and which are used as busy thoroughfares to local facilities, where you often see bagged poo dangling from branches in the trees as though waiting for the fairies to take it away.

To the dog-poo abandoners who don’t want the bother of taking it home, I understand that you don’t want that offensive stink in your bin but I don’t want it on my shoes either! So, in the very least please pick it up and place it in a public bin. Any litter bin will do, it doesn’t even need to be one of those special red ones.

And if you’re caught short without a bag, please ask a passer-by. Most dog-owners are likely to have a spare.

With dog ownership on the rise, this is very serious business.

I rather welcome those pavement stencils but of course we know that it’s not the fault of the little blue dog. It’s those few owners who make us blue in the face whom I now hope will finally join together in the campaign against the poop.