GRAHAM TURNER: You can have too much of a good thing

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A personal view
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My stomach quite audibly groaned as I listened on Tuesday morning to a radio news story which said scientists were suggesting we should now eat between seven and 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

It was most probably coincidental (and luckily I was alone in the car on the way to work) but the grumbling noise could well have been the sound of my heart sinking at yet more contradictory dietary advice being thrust upon us.

Having always been told that fat is bad for you, especially the saturated variety, last month a heart scientist said this was nonsense and that there was little evidence low-fat diets did anything to reduce heart disease. No, it’s carbohydrates and sugars that are apparently the real villains of the piece.

And this was reinforced by the government’s chief medical officer Dame Sally Davis, who has even called for a sugar tax. It also seems that (paradoxically) fruit juice is among these sugar-filled baddies.

And now, having for years been told that we should have our ‘five a day’, we’re told that’s not enough.

Observers may not think so, but I reckon I have a pretty healthy diet. Having a vegetarian wife who does most (or, to be truthful, nearly all) of the cooking in the house means I eat more than my fair share of the green stuff. But the thought of eating 10 portions a day – and a portion is said to be 80 grams or nearly three ounces – makes me feel quite bilious. That’s nearly 2lbs of fruit and veg each and every day.

I suspect that many families would balk at the thought of paying for that much fresh produce, even on our great, value for money market.

And, of course, there would be other repercussions. . .

I just wonder if this latest research has been sponsored by Andrex?

n Sunday saw the family head to the Norfolk coast for a Mother’s Day picnic laid on by our daughters – yes, I know, but someone has to do the driving and bag carrying.

We had a lovely time, enjoying the spring sunshine, along with lots of others, many of whom were walking dogs.

We didn’t take our dogs – it’s a long drive and they’d only be naughty. However, it was dog owners who were the badly behaved ones on Sunday – there was a very large number who seemed to think it’s okay to clean up after their pet, but then just abandon the bag on the ground. We were aghast.

I know it’s not particularly nice, but clearing up after your pet and disposing of it properly is part and parcel of owning a dog.