GRAHAM TURNER: First signs of spring are chocolate flavoured

A personal view
A personal view
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I always think this is the most miserable time of year – the long hot days of summer are a dim and distant memory, while months of cold, rain and snow still lie ahead.

So you’d think that I’d be pleased to see some signs of spring, a few ‘green shoots’.

But in the week that we took down our Christmas tree, I was bemused – to say the least – to see supermarkets starting to introduce Easter eggs on to their shelves.

It’s not in-your-face, floor to ceiling stacks – they’re being a bit more subtle than that – but there’s no missing the displays of mini-eggs, cream eggs and other Easter goodies in both Bury’s Waitrose and Marks & Spencer stores this week. In M&S, there’s the extra irony that you have to walk past their helpful Christmas card recycling bins before you hit the Easter treats.

For the purposes of this article I had to look up when Easter falls this year and I can tell you that you only have a mere 14 weeks to gather up those eggs . . . so be quick!

I really can’t imagine why supermarket bosses would think it a good idea. I suppose experience must tell them that their customers are desperate to buy Easter eggs a couple of weeks after Christmas, but in my house, where we’re still slowly working our way through goodies hanging over from the festive period, it’s the last thing we want to buy.