EDITOR’S COMMENT: Inspirational people in a layby near you

Editor's comment
Editor's comment

Our about Christopher Guest, who jumped out of his car and saved another man’s life, is truly inspiring.

A terrifying scenario was unfolding beside the busy A14 when the dad-of-two happened to pass by.

In a layby, Steve Gilbert’s son James, 34, had suffered a cardiac arrest and his breathing stopped.

Steve called 999 and was being instructed on how to try to resuscitate his son as the traffic roared past them.

Not surprisingly, he was frantic. He said afterwards: “He had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. He was definitely dead.” Dead, that is, until Christopher appeared – with his St John Ambulance training. He quickly reassured Steve, took over chest compressions and mouth to mouth, and got James breathing again. James was airlifted to hospital, where he spent months recovering. After the roadside experience, Christopher decided to train as a paramedic.

Happily, he’s also been given a Chief Ambulance Officer Commendation. One thing’s for sure – there aren’t enough people like Christopher Guest in the world.

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