Diary of a New Dad

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It’s been 112 days since my son was born and in that ridiculously short time I have discovered a great many things about the man I am, writes Ben Keenan.

The second I was handed the boy, I whispered in his ear that I was his Father and no matter how strange I was, he couldn’t exchange me or trade me in for a different model no matter how many Sevendust albums and beard rash I inflicted on him.

His birth was the turning point at which my life began to look remarkably different and at 12.47am on a wet December night, I ceased to be a man named Ben Keenan and became a Dad.

I wake up every morning to the sound of my family being astonishing and it’s as if there is nobody else on Earth but the three of us. Jen and I call it ‘Happy Hour’ because it’s the start of a brand new day and an opportunity to do nothing but stare at the unequalled beauty of a new-born baby trying to put his feet in his mouth. But what my wife and I regard as normal baby led behaviour, some professionals we’ve encountered consider a ‘by the book’ approach to be the only way to raise a baby. I love the fact that my style of parenting is considered unorthodox by some. I have never wanted to walk the same paths as every other New Dad out there and take immense pride in the fact that my son has probably laughed harder and louder after 16 weeks than a lot of adults have done in decades.

The boy has taken to life like an excitable duck to water and I’m just trying my hardest to keep up. Each bedtime is a countdown to the next opportunity to tell him how much I love him and how proud I am of all the phenomenal things he’s accomplished so far in what seems like the blink of an eye.