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A personal view
A personal view
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“We haven’t been to Norwich for a while,” I remarked to Mrs G at the weekend.

Nor Cambridge during a summer that seems to have come and largely gone at a breakneck pace.

The fact that I mentioned this while walking through the beautiful Ickworth House and taking family photos with the rolling landscape as a backdrop points to the main reason why we have neglected those fine cities.

Our weekend went as thus: Saturday shopping in Bury town centre for birthday presents (for once not even venturing into the Arc) before enjoying a fine lunch in Bury.

Sunday was spent in the glorious grounds of Ickworth House, near Bury, before enjoying a hospital fundraiser organised by the fun-loving guys at Gross & Co at Moreton Hall Community Centre in, you guessed it, Bury St Edmunds.

There is a recurring theme here, one that doesn’t take the most eagle-eyed to spot.

Quite simply, there has been no need to venture much further.

There are obvious attractions elsewhere, I am a great lover of the beach and the coast for example (even though Ourburystedmunds took care of the former on more than one occasion this year).

It’s just that the weekend just gone encapsulated everything I love about living and working in West Suffolk.

Need to get presents for my seven-year-old? Check. A nice place for family lunch? Check. A walk in a beautiful National Trust property with plenty to enjoy for adults and children alike? Check.

Then yet another chance to sample the generosity of people towards a local charity. Well that just topped off the weekend.

A rather splendid weekend had followed a couple of networking events that once again amplified a town very much on the up.

At a monthly meeting of Bury Chamber of Commerce, Mark Cordell, a champion of the town if ever there was one, spoke eloquently about the importance of Ourburystedmunds and its role in continually highlighting town businesses.

I will come on to that very organisation in a later column, suffice to say its role and importance should never be underestimated.

I think the one thing the custodians of our fair town need to be mindful of is complacency.

Members of Ourburystedmunds asked the audience what improvements could still be made and the thorny issue of car parking was raised – by myself actually.

I also spoke to one owner of an independent business who had been hit by the Arc Shopping Centre and those perceived poor links with the old town.

The Arc has brought so many good things to the town centre, not just footfall, but independents must still be given the right voice for Bury – flowers and all – to remain flourishing.