CAMILLE BERRIMAN: Is there a dark side to our ‘lovely’ town?

A Personal View
A Personal View
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On the whole Bury St Edmunds is a nice place to live in – and I’m sure most residents agree with me. Crime levels are low; the streets and parks are well-kept and we have history and culture on our doorstep.

I’ve always considered myself fortunate to grow up and live in our lovely town. Okay I admit it: I’ve been a bit smug. Then last week I read something in the Bury Free Press which turned my stomach – an atrocity I would never have thought would happen in Bury: ‘Family distraught after pet cat found strangled’.

I actually said out loud: “What is wrong with people?” after I read the report. Because there has to be something wrong with anyone who could cut a cat’s throat and wrap gaffer tape tightly around its neck to strangle it.

Yes, I write as a cat lover, but I would feel the same way whatever animal had been treated in this manner. I hope the perpetrator of this vile act can be found.

Unfortunately, this was a wake-up call to me that everything in Bury is not quite as ‘lovely’ as I’ve always naively believed.

n On the flip-side, an event took place in the town on Saturday which almost restored my faith in humanity: Girls Night Out.

Anyone who was in Bury that evening will have surely seen more than 1,000 pairs of flashing bunny ears heading round the town (with human owners attached, of course) to raise funds for St Nicholas Hospice Care.

I was fortunate enough to be on Angel Hill taking photographs and speaking to some of the women taking part in this heart-warming event, which is so well supported by the community. But I was almost more touched to see so many volunteers – more than 150 – beavering away behind the scenes to ensure everything went without a hitch. This team included the Bury Free Press marshals, who were getting a bit chilly when I spoke to them but still smiling and handing out medals to women as they crossed the finishing line. Well done to everyone else involved. It was a fantastic evening.