Ben Keenan: Healthy dinners delivered in a box

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According to a recent poll, one of the most frequently asked questions in Britain is ‘What are you having for dinner tonight?’ It’s a question that I myself have asked more than most as I find the answer fascinating and often inspirational.

Many evenings I have changed set-in-stone meal plans after a conversation with a friend on my way to the car has inspired me to drive to the nearest supermarket for a brand new batch of ingredients. But more often than not, whenever somebody asks me what my dinner plans are, I struggle to give a decent answer. I find it difficult to commit to food in advance but am lucky enough that my kitchen skills are adequate enough that I can create something from cupboard essentials a few minutes after I’m home.

The weekend is when I take my time sourcing recipes and ingredients and like nothing more than visiting our famous market to handpick the fruit and vegetables that catch my eye fastest, especially seasonal options like purple sprouting broccoli which, if you’ve never blanched, drained and devoured with thickly sliced hot buttered toast, you’re seriously missing out. Recently, my wife Jen and I opted into a scheme which delivers a vegetable box to our house every week. A sturdy cardboard treasure chest arrives full of beautiful handpicked organic produce and a selection of recipe cards with interesting ideas, helpful storage tips and eclectic cooking methods and although the fun of picking the food ourselves has gone, the sense of joy that good looking produce can provoke remains gleefully intact. I know some people to whom the idea of five a day is a difficult one to fathom, but when faced with the abundance of quality on display at our Wednesday and Saturday markets, in farm shops across Suffolk and through new and exciting schemes like door to door veg boxes, healthy eating has never been so rewarding or so wonderfully easy to achieve.