Barry Peters: There’s lots to learn from the UK of 1952

We certainly know how to party!

Ok, it’s been 115 since the last Diamond Jubilee, so you could argue we’ve had time to get the bunting ready but this week has really put the spotlight on the British people.

And how we responded...

I love the way street parties sprung up across areas you wouldn’t normally see neighbours even nodding to one another on their way to work...and isn’t that something we should all embrace for the future?

What a legacy it would be for the Queen to leave if she could engender some of that 1952 feeling into 2012 society.

When she took the throne, Elvis hadn’t even released his first record (you’ll need to explain to anyone under 25 what a record was) and Britain was a very different place. There was sweet rationing and Winston Churchill was in power.

Whether or not you consider David Cameron equal to Churchill is one to debate, but at least we have sweets back on the shelves today...but has 2012 got anything to learn from 1952?

I’d like to think that family values are as strong today as they were back then, but the news tells me something different. I’d like to think we are as caring to our neighbours and work colleagues as we were in those post-war years, but I’m not so sure about that either.

If the Jubilee - and next month’s Olympic Games - help to give us a real sense of pride in our country, they will have done some real good and added a bit of little bit of shine back to our nation.

Barry Peters is editor of the Bury Free Press.