Objectors have their say on HGV ban decision

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OBJECTORS who say they were treated like second-class citizens are satisfied after a decision was reviewed by councillors - despite the result staying the same.

On January 5, Breckland Council’s development control committee decided to lift a ban on HGVs from Weeting-based David Watson Transport Ltd passing through Brandon High Street.

But Brandon town councillors and residents were outraged that they were not informed of when the meeting was being held.

After pressure from angry residents, Breckland agreed to review its decision and representations were made at a meeting on Monday at Breckland’s offices in Dereham.

Councillors again decided to lift the ban, despite hearing of the risks of increased pollution and traffic congestion.

Cllr Nigel Wilkin, deputy chairman of the committee, said Mr Watson had become a ‘whipping boy’ for the objectors and that Brandon’s poor traffic system was to blame for pollution and congestion problems.

“The person who decided to put those traffic lights up in Brandon needs to be taken outside and given a good kicking,” he said.

Resident Victor Lukaniuk, Forest Heath councillor Bill Bishop and Brandon town councillor Geoff Hughes, made objections at the meeting.

Mr Lukaniuk said: “All I wanted was for us to have our voices heard because last time we were treated like second-class citizens.”

Cllr Bishop, who told the committee members that lifting the ban would only add to Brandon’s traffic problems, said: “Our problem here was never with David Watson Transport as a local business, we just wanted Breckland to hear what we had to say.”

Mr Watson also made representations during the meeting, saying that avoiding Brandon High Street cost his company almost £60,000 a year.

He added that his company provided a number of jobs in the Weeting and Brandon areas.

The original ban was applied as part of a Section 106 agreement.