‘My wife only married me for my fish’

Market Matters - Fish Stall  Pictured: Hayden and Thor Mummery
Market Matters - Fish Stall Pictured: Hayden and Thor Mummery
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“My wife says she only married me so she can get her hands on my fish.”

Thor Mummery and his brother Kristian set up their business at Lowestoft fish market back in 1980 when Thor, whose mum is Dannish, was just 16.

In the last couple of years Thor’s son Hayden has also joined the business.

On Wednesday they were busy selling fish on Bury St Edmunds market while Kristian filleted fish ready to sell at Diss yesterday and today.

“We started off as a wholesale business filleting fish and sending them to Billingsgate Fish Market in London.”

The brother’s dad had his own wholesale business selling fish to the supermarkets so it was only natural that Thor and Kristian, who is two years his senior, went into the family trade.

Over the years Mummery Brothers moved from wholesale into selling directly on the markets.

They have been on the Diss market on Thursdays and Fridays for 15 years and the Bury market for 12 years.

Other than that Thor says the market, and trade, has not changed much over the years.

They sell more than 40 different types of fish. On Wednesday, Thor estimated he had sold about 20 to 25 stone of fish and says he sells more when the weather is better.

“It is a good market for us. It is hard to find a good market, but this one has been good to us. The Saturday market is always very busy.”

Thor said about half of his fish is sourced from Lowestoft while a large amount is from Iceland.

“Our strength is that we are the people that bought the fish from the quayside, we filleted it and bought it to the public so there are no middle men. We can tell them where the fish came from and how old it is. The worst thing about the job is the long days,, we are start at 4am and don’t finish until 7pm so it is 15 hour days.”

Thor said they tend to sell more cod, haddock and skate on the Wednesday market while the people tend to spend more on the more expensive luxury fish such as sea bass, turbot and hallibut on the Saturday market.

“And everyone wants our crabs in the summer. They are all from Cromer. They are our big seller.”

Thor said he never gets tired of fish for dinner.

“My wife said she only married me so she could get her hands on my fish.

“We eat a lot of fish.”