Multiple Sclerosis sufferer: ‘I’ve had to cancel my life insurance so I can pay the new bedroom tax’

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A multiple sclerosis sufferer has told how he has had to cancel his life insurance payments to pay the new bedroom tax.

Andrew Parton lives in a two bedroom home with his partner and because of his illness they sleep in a separate bedrooms.

He will have his benefits cut by £12 a week in the new bedroom tax.

“The Government are targeting the poor and the vulnerable, the sick and the disabled,” said Andrew who lives in Great Barton.

He uses a wheelchair and said the home had been specially adapted for his needs.

“We just want to get on with our lives,” Andrew said.

St Edmundsbury Borough Council say 2,678 households will be affected alongside 1,457 in Forest Heath, and 1,185 in Breckland. The councils are expecting more demand for one and two bed homes.

Those who sleep apart due to medical conditions, and parents who share custody of children who do not live there all the time, will have benefits cut for any ‘spare’ rooms.

Havebury Housing Partnership said 593 of its 6,000 homes will be affected.

“We are already helping people move through mutual exchanges whereever possible and we are committed to building smaller properties in anticipation of increased demand,” said Havebury chief executive Karen Mayhew.