MP Matthew Hancock seeks views ahead of smoking in cars with children vote

Matthew Hancock
Matthew Hancock
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Matthew Hancock, MP for West Suffolk, is seeking his constituents’ views ahead of a free vote on whether smoking in cars with children should be banned, on Monday.

Mr Hancock has said there are strong arguments both for and against the policy and it is his priority to represent his constituents.

He said: “My first job as local MP is to represent the views of my constituents. There are good arguments for and against this Bill to ban smoking in cars with children.

“We all want to do what we can to protect children and I believe they have a right not to be exposed to harmful smoke. But I also believe that there should be limits on the state telling people how to live their own lives and difficulties with enforcement.

“I am therefore asking constituents to express their views by either contacting me directly or voting on my website.”

A voting system will be uploaded to Mr Hancock’s website shortly. Go to