Mother’s shock at finding pipe in a mini-donut

Lynda Stanford found a metal tube in a donut she bought from Stowmarket Asda.
Lynda Stanford found a metal tube in a donut she bought from Stowmarket Asda.
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When Lynda Stanford bit into a mini-donut the taste of metal in her mouth warned her something was wrong.

“There was this inch long metal pipe in it,” she said. “I was in complete shock. A friend had bought them for the kids.”

The mother of four, from Walsham le Willows, fears that had one of her children eaten the cake bought in Stowmarket Asda, they would not have recognised the metallic taste and could have swallowed the pipe.

Now she wants to know how Asda’s suppliers could have allowed the contaminated donut to be distributed.

“If the nozzle came from a machine, someone would have put another on to replace it,” she said. “You would have expected them to call back a batch or however many they needed to stop going out.

“You would have thought they would have metal detectors to check for foreign objects in it.”

Lynda is particularly concerned because the mini-donuts are a popular treat for small children.

She said: “A lot of parents give them to toddlers because they’re so soft. If that had been a small child putting it in its mouth, I don’t like to think what might have happened.

“The pipe is quite sharp, the edges are quite rough.”

She said Asda’s customer service staff had asked her to return the pipe and donuts to the store so that it can investigate the issue.

An Asda spokeswoman said: “We would urge the customer to bring it back to the store. We cannot provide a statement until we’ve investigated it.”

Asda sells an estimated 46 million donuts a year. Though they are often cooked in-store, they are made by a supplier.