‘Mindless spate of vandalism’ sees 20 cars in Bury St Edmunds damaged overnight

One of the cars vandalised in Fornham Road, Bury
One of the cars vandalised in Fornham Road, Bury
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A victim of crime says he ‘feels sorry’ for those responsible for damaging his and 19 other vehicles during a ‘mindless spate of vandalism’ in Bury St Edmunds last week.

The cars were parked in Avenue Approach, Fornham Road, Northgate Avenue and Mermaid Close when they were damaged overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday (October 21-22).

Most received scratches to the bodywork or windows and in some cases the damage involved offensive words. One car also had its windows smashed and another’s wing mirror was damaged.

Edmund ‘Eddie’ Phizacklea, one of five victims in Fornham Road, said: “I get up quite early in the morning because I’m a lorry driver. It must have been about 5am/5.15am when I walked outside and saw this glass all over the pavement.

“The passenger door window and the little window behind it were broken. I realised later the bodywork had been damaged too.

“I think it was just pure vandalism by somebody who’s got a bigger problem or issue with the whole of society – I thought how sad, you know? You just think ‘why pick on anybody at random’?”

Eddie reported the crime to police and borrowed his wife, Anne’s, car to get to work, where he spent ‘all day’ trying to juggle calls between the police and his insurance company.

He added: “My grandchildren’s car seats were in the back seats, and their possessions which were all covered in glass – I thought what rotters.

“It’s a good job I didn’t catch them. It makes me really angry, but I kept my cool and counted to 10.

“I feel sorry for the people who did it to be honest because I think ‘what sort of person or character must they be?’”

A neighbour, whose car was found with ‘JB rules’ scrawled across the bonnet and damage to a nearside window, said: “My wife found it. I was away at the time. She was absolutely gutted and rang me up very upset about it.

“The car’s not very old –we’ve only had it about six months – and it was a needless crime. She was very annoyed and it’s going to cost us £300 to sort it out.”

Sergeant Alistair Torkington, of the Bury Central Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), said: “This was a mindless spate of vandalism causing thousands of pounds of damage to the cars concerned.

He said officers had gathered forensic evidence and were carrying out extensive house-to-house enquiries in the area.

“We will also be committing extra patrols to this part of the town in an effort to catch those responsible,” he added.