Mildenhall Stadium will take its battle to Parliament

SPEEDWAY at Mildenhall stadium ENGANL00220110509094100
SPEEDWAY at Mildenhall stadium ENGANL00220110509094100
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Mildenhall Stadium’s fight to stage speedway and stock car events will be taken to Parliament after the Supreme Court ruled against it.

A couple who own the closest property to Mildenhall Stadium won a lengthy legal battle over noise in the highest court of the land last month.

Dave Coventry of RDC Promotions, which owns the stadium, has expressed fears about its future.

If the venue is ordered to pay costs, which Mr Coventry predicts could run to six or seven figures, it may be forced to close.

RDC Promotions has announced it will now petition Parliament to save the sporting venue.

In a statement the company said: “As the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land we have now decided to take our fight to the Houses of Parliament.

“Not only are we calling on the Government to intervene in this case to ensure stock car and speedway continues at Mildenhall Stadium as it has done since 1975 - we want to change the law in this country.”

The petition was launched at an event last weekend. Mr Coventry said the response was ‘overwhelming’ with more than 1,500 signatures collected

The owners of the stadium will ask parliament to establish in statute that a person coming into an area should accept existing activity as part of the character of that area.

RDC promotions said: “We want to ensure this does not happen to any other established sporting or leisure venue in this country ever again.”

Katherine Lawrence and Raymond Shields brought the case against the venue after purchasing a property in Cooks Drove, West Row, 560m from Mildenhall Stadium.

The parties will return to the Supreme Court on May 15 when costs will be awarded.