Man jailed for seven years after ‘frenzied’ attack in Beck Row

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A Beck Row man who launched a “frenzied” attack at his mother’s birthday party has been jailed for seven years.

A Beck Row man who launched a “frenzied” attack at his mother’s birthday party has been jailed for seven years.

Darren Pountney, 25, used bottles and plates as weapons during the attack on his uncle, Ipswich Crown Court heard today.

The incident took place on August 25 last year in the kitchen of a house in The Street, Beck Row.

Pountney’s uncle Sean Harrington suffered numerous injuries including a deep, 10cm long abrasion close to his jugular vein.

Prosecuting, Robert Sadd said: “It was no more that luck that vastly more serious injuries were not caused.”

Mr Sadd said the attack appeared to have been sparked by a comment made by Mr Harrington to Pountney who punched his victim to the floor and stamped repeatedly on his head.

Efforts by Mr Harrington to defend himself were hampered by two female relatives who grabbed his arms in a bid to prevent the incident from escalating.

The court heard that Pountney, of The Street, Beck Row, had been drinking alcohol and taken drugs in the hours leading up to the attack.

Witnesses had described Pountney as “frenzied”.

The attack took place while two children aged eight and 11 were in the house, said Mr Sadd who added: “It was gratuitous violence.”

Pountney, who has previous convictions for offences including assaulting police, battery and causing criminal damage, had pleaded guilty to wounding and affray in connection with the incident.

Defending, Mark McDonald said Pountney had expressed remorse and the attack had not been premeditated.

Mr McDonald said Pountney had a history of alcohol and drug misuse, arising from problems including being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at a very early age.

Pountney had low self esteem and suffered from insecurity, said Mr McDonald who told the court: “He really has felt bullied since early childhood due to issues with IQ.”

Jailing him for seven years, Mr Recorder Gerard Pounder told Pountney: “You flew off the handle, you reacted in a way that was completely out of proportion, you just lost it.”

Mr Pounder said: “It became an unhappy occasion on what was supposed to be a happy occasion.”