Man fraudulently hired carpet cleaners to pay off debts

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A man has been given a 12 month community order after fraudulently renting five carpet cleaning machines to pay off his debts.

William John Clark, 30, of George Street, Pontypool, was sentenced on Tuesday to five counts of fraud by false representation having pleaded guilty at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court on February 17.

Prosecuting, Ian Devine said the offences all occurred in October last year.

He said: “Factually the offences are quite simple.

“He has gone into five premises and has hired out a Rugdoctor, a carpet cleaning machine.

“They are very good, I have used one myself, but they are very expensive.

“It is an unsophisticated series of offences as he seems to provide documents in his own name, hires them out and then doesn’t return them.”

The machines, which cost £420 each, were hired from Homebase, B&Q, Johnsons Dry Cleaners and Co-op in Bury on October 11 and from Homebase in Newmarket on October 5.

In mitigation, Claire Lockwood said Clark made no personal gain from his crimes as he handed the machines straight to his creditors.

She said: “Those that had persuaded him to do it were waiting outside the shops.

“He was paying back a debt that he owed.

“He didn’t make any financial gain and didn’t get to keep the property.”

Presiding magistrate, Susan Taylor, gave Clark a 12 month community order with supervision and ordered he pay £100 compensation to each store involved.

After sentencing, Clark said: “There is no risk of me re-offending, I can promise you that.”