Man convicted of double assault walks free from court

Ipswich Crown Court
Ipswich Crown Court

A man who assaulted two sisters in Stowmarket has been released immediately after being jailed for more than five months.

Leutrim Halili, 23, was convicted at Ipswich Crown Court of three offences of assault but because of the amount of time he has spent in custody has already served his five month and seven day sentence.

Following a three day trial last month Halili, from Cricklewood, London, was found not guilty of two offences of possessing an imitation firearm and another charge of assault.

Halili, who had earlier admitted driving whilst disqualified and causing criminal damage, was the subject of a restraining order which prohibits him from contacting the two women he assaulted, Kelly and Lauren Clark.

Judge Martyn Levett also banned Halili from going within two miles of Abbot’s Hall Primamry School in Stowmarket for the next two years. He had been arrested near the school by armed police in December last year.

During his trial, the jury heard prosecution allegations that Halili had twice assaulted his girlfriend Kelly Clark during arguments at her home in Stowmarket, grabbing her by the neck and hitting her with a pair of gloves.

On one occasion Halili grabbed Miss Clark around the neck, leaving her struggling to breathe, the court heard.

Earlier he and Miss Clark had argued and Halili had decided to pack his bags and leave taking with him an imitation gun he owned, said Christopher Paxton, prosecuting.

As he was driving near Abbot’s Hall Primary School on December 10 with Miss Clark, Halili had stopped the car to allow her to speak with her sister Lauren Clark.

Mr Paxton alleged that Kelly Clark told her sister that Halili had a gun and that led to Lauren Clark blocking the way with her car and calling the police. It was claimed that Halili had put his hand around the gun inside a sports bag.

The court heard allegations that Halili had assaulted Lauren Clark by pushing her by the shoulders which caused her to stumble.

Halili was arrested nearby by armed police officers and had shouted when challenged to show his hands: “It’s not what you think it is.”

Giving evidence, Halili told the jury that he had explained to Lauren Clark the gun was an imitation and said he had walked away because he did not want to be found with it by the police.

Halili denied having assaulted either sister and said that both had been aware that the BB gun was not a real weapon.