‘Long overdue’ speed limit change agreed

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A ‘long overdue’ speed limit change on a Mildenhall road heavily used by pedestrians has been approved.

College Heath Road is to be made 30mph throughout.

Currently, the road has two speed limits, one section being 30mph and another 40mph.

Suffolk county councillor Stephen Frost said: “Making this entire road a 30mph limit is long overdue.

Understandably, the road is used for HGV vehicles that go to and from the industrial estate, but 40mph is just too fast when pedestrians are crossing the road.

“There are four or five footpath exits from woodland walks that have direct access on the road. Heavy wagons just cannot stop quickly if required.

“The road may have been built for access to an industrial estate, but as the years have gone by and more and more development has taken place the road has been consumed by housing.

“This is now a residential estate road and it must be treated as such.”

College Heath Road is an access route to two housing developments as well as community amenities including the library, health centre and district council offices.

Forest Heath district councillors Tony Wheble and Malcom Smith welcomed the news.

Cllr Wheble said the change was ‘really important’.

Since being deemed suitable for a 40mph speed limit there has been an increase in housing adjacent to the road which Cllr Wheble said had led to an increase in pedestrians, particularly children, making the speed change ‘a matter of safety’.

Suffolk County Council’s rights of way committee has approved the change and it is expected to be fully implemented by the end of March.

Cllr Frost said: “This is great news for Mildenhall.

“It is a decision for which a great many people have been waiting for some time. It is extremely pleasing to have finally achieved this result on their behalf.”