Wood sculpture celebrates Bury St Edmunds school’s historic roots

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Pupils marvelled at the art of wood sculpting as a piece celebrating their Bury St Edmunds school’s historic roots was created in their playground.

Armed with a chainsaw, wood sculptor Tim Atkins spent a day carving a leaping Sturgeon from a piece of oak at Westley Middle with classes able to view its progress.

The Sturgeon featured on the heraldic shield of the Kitson family, who owned the land on which the school sits. It is also featured in Westley’s logo.

The sculpture was organised by Kerry Allan, head of art and design, who met Mr Atkins at the Ickworth estate’s annual wood fair.

She said: “We wanted to have a sculpture and for the children to be able to see the work in progress.

“It’s a little bit different - the fact he’s got a chainsaw and creating something beautiful, which is fabulous.”

Mrs Allan thanked the Ickworth estate, which donated the wood.

During the day, Mr Atkins said: “It’s quite a tall order - not an easy thing to carve I’m finding out. It’s slowly evolving.”




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