Video: RAF Mildenhall says farewell to ‘Snoopy’

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The final flight of the USAF’s Hercules-based Combat Talon aircraft in the UK was made from RAF Mildenhall, as this video shows.

The last MC-130P serving with 67 Special Operations Squadron flew round all the airfields the 67th has been based in, before returning to Mildenhall and taxiing through the traditional fire hose arch.

The first versions of the Combat Talon entered service in 1961. They are equipped for clandestine operations and, as well as carrying troops, can in-flight refuel helicopters and the new tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft, which are also based at Mildenhall.

The 77 tonne Combat Talon, with its distinctive ‘Snoopy nose’ housing its radar, has been replaced by the more advanced, powerful and sleeker looking Commando II version of the Hercules.




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