VIDEO: Magical rabbit has a talent for miracle escapes

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A magician’s white rabbit has been puzzling his owner with miraculous escapes reminiscent of his namesake, Harry Houdini.

Owner Gemma Raymond, 24, of West Row, prides herself on being a traditional magician.

With this in mind earlier this year her mum surprised her with a white rabbit which Gemma named Harry after her favourite magical practitioner, the great escape artist Harry Houdini.

Gemma and Harry the white rabbit had been putting in hours of practice, training for his first appearance in the show, when one day Harry started vanishing out of sight during rehearsals.

Gemma said: “I would find him in random places like sat in my handbag, hiding in between cabinets or in my dad’s shoes.”

Perplexed Gemma set up a video camera and caught Harry athletically clambering on top of anything he could find and leaping over the metal bars of his secure cage to freedom.

In an attempt to thwart Harry’s continual bids to reach the great outdoors Gemma moved all apparatus to the centre of his pen.

Clearly not wanting to be defeated Harry started renovations pushing anything he could climb on to the edge of the cage and making astounding leaps over the bars.

Despite these cheeky escapades Gemma is convinced Harry is going to make an ideal assistant.

She said: “He’s going to be a bigger star than I am. He’s just got so much character, he’s so cheeky.”

Harry and Gemma are continuing to rehearse and she is hopeful with some more practise he will join her as she performs across the country.

Harry is currently learning to pick a card from a deck and has been preparing a feat of magnificence that will see him appear as if from no where.

Gemma said she hopes her and Harry will be ready to take to the stage together and perform in cabaret shows, children’s parties and other events next year.




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