UPDATE: Scott Rogers accused of sexual abuse as US residents react to ‘Jekyll and Hyde scenario’

Authorities at the scene of Scott Rogers' house ANL-140830-105719001

Authorities at the scene of Scott Rogers' house ANL-140830-105719001

Two British men have alleged that controversial former Bury St Edmunds performing arts teacher Scott Rogers sexually abused them as young boys.

Both spoke out on a US radio show on Thursday morning after Mr Rogers, formerly known as Richard Scott-Rogers, was shot dead at his home in Louisiana.

Speaking on the Jim Engster Radio Show, one of the victims said he was intimately involved with Mr Rogers since he was 13-years-old which ‘increased in frequency’ until he was 18 and continued as an adult.

Another victim described him as a ‘monster’.

Mr Rogers, who had become a TV star stateside and hosted his own show in Baton Rouge, founded and was a principal of the former Academy of Dancing and Performing Arts, in Fornham Road, Bury.

He is said by US police to have been killed by his son-in-law and one of his former academy pupils Mathew Hodgkinson at his home on Wednesday.

It is understood that Mr Hodgkinson then turned the gun on himself but was rushed to hospital where as of Wednesday night he remained in a coma on life support, according to Brett Stassi, Sheriff of Iberville Parish.

Residents in Baton Rouge have expressed shock after the Bury Free Press exclusively revealed details of his death and how, in 1995, the academy he founded was likened to a ‘religious cult’ by Suffolk County Council bosses.

Posting comments on our website, one resident said: “What a Dr. Jekyll /Mr. Hyde scenario that seems to be unfolding her on this side of the pond as each new day’s revelations are revealed.”

Another resident revealed: “Scott was very active with philanthropies in our community, and he was very friendly and personable with almost everyone he met.

“However, there was a definite mystery about his past. We all knew of his skills in music and dance, but we believed this experience was from community theater. Early on, he also offered his services here and privately coached students in music and dance.

“As personable and seemingly open as he was, Scott always managed to change the subject when someone pressed for specific details about his past experiences... and I guess now we know why.”

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