Teams battle for Race of the Bogmen crown in Great Finborough

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Two fearless teams took on the gruelling Race of the Bogmen in Great Finborough on Easter Monday

Hundreds turned up to show their support as teams from Great Finborough and Haughley took on the mile-long race from Boyton Hall to the Chestnut Horse Pub.

The village competition, between teams from Great Finborough and Haughley, began in 1897 when farmer Joseph Hatten pitted groups from Great Finborough and Haughley against one another for a ploughing contract.

The race, which takes place on Easter Monday every year, was brought back in 1976 and they’ve been carrying on the tradition ever since. This year Haughley came out on top after a hard fought race.

Christopher Pattle, 25, a web designer from Stowmarket who crossed the finishing line first, said he picked up a cut lip on the way round.

He said: “I am really happy and really proud to have won.
“This whole event has quite a lot of history to it so I’m really pleased to be part of it.

“Someone took me out in the way round and cut my face a bit but that’s all part of the fun.”




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