Pupils and over 60s work together on video about their favourite games

Waiting for Video...

Pupils at Howard middle School have joined forces with the estate’s over 60s club to create an animated video about their favourite childhood games.

The 12 week project, organised by Suffolk Artlink, saw 11 pupils from year 8 reminisce with club members, recording their stories.

Working together, they created animations to go with the interviews. The finished video was shown to the entire school during an assembly on Friday.

Ernie Broom, Chairman of the Over 60s Club said: “I found it very rewarding.

“This is a brilliant school with excellent facilities and working with the kids was just great. It is funny how a lot of the games we played they are still playing now like hide and seek.”

Candida Wingate, Project Officer for Suffolk Artlink, said:“It shows young people that heritage isn’t just important buildings, it is stories and memories.

“It also breaks down some of the stereotypes pupils and older people may have.”

The video is due to be displayed in Moyse’s Hall Museum this summer.




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