Pub gets top score in food hygiene rating

Landlady Georgina Barnes at The Moreton Hall pub.    The pub has just scored a five rating in an environmental health visit - the highest mark given.

Landlady Georgina Barnes at The Moreton Hall pub. The pub has just scored a five rating in an environmental health visit - the highest mark given.

The Moreton Hall Pub is so hygienic and clean that its customers could almost be forgiven for wanting to eat off of the floor, almost.

Choosing to eat out at the pub in Lawson Place is a good decision, according to the results of a recent environmental health visit .

The popular pub scored top marks in an unannounced inspection last week, giving it two such top-scoring visits within the last two years.

Pub landlady Georgina Barnes said: “They just turn up during a busy lunchtime, well it was a busy lunchtime for us, and go all through the pub, the kitchen, front and back of house, and score you.

“If you’ve got good practices in place you should, hopefully, get a five. We did, which is great, and it’s good to let people know about it.”

St Edmundsbury Borough Council participates in a national Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, operated in partnership with the Food Standards Agency.

When inspected, food outlets in the borough receive one of six ratings from zero, meaning urgent improvement is needed, to five, meaning very good.

This includes restaurants, take-aways, cafés, sandwich shops, bakeries, delicatessens, pubs, hotels and supermarkets as well as schools, hospitals and residential care homes.

They are rated based on how well they meet the requirements of food hygiene law, including how hygienically the food is handled, the structure/cleanliness of the building and how food safety is managed and documented.

“We have excellent practices in place so we were confident when they showed up,” said Mrs Barnes.

A spokeswoman for St Edmundsbury Borough Council confirmed the Moreton Hall Pub had received a five rating.

She added: “St Edmundsbury Environmental Health Officers carry out more than 400 inspections of food premises a year, and a 
significant number get a rating of five.

“This top rating is based on good scores in three areas: food safety practices, structure of building and confidence in management.”

You can view the food hygiene ratings of your favourite food spots by visiting www.food.gov.uk/ratings

The website also gives details of a food hygiene rating app, which can be downloaded for free and used to rate places on the go.

The Coffee House, also located in Lawson Place, is among those with a five rating, following an inspection carried out in August last year.

Businesses inspected are encouraged to display stickers showing their hygiene rating in the window or on the door, or to display a rating certificate where members of the public can easily see them.

The rating scheme is not, however, a guide to food quality.




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