Owner of cat shot with air weapon in Ringshall saddened to live somewhere where it could happen

Oreo the cat was shot in the tail on Tuesday ANL-140905-090711001

Oreo the cat was shot in the tail on Tuesday ANL-140905-090711001

The owner of a pet cat that has been shot with an air weapon leaving it injured and requiring its tail to be amputated has said she is sad and cross.

Tanya Caley, a veterinary nurse at Stowe Veterinary Group, said: “I think it was deliberate. It upsets me, initially I thought he had been hit by a car and it had been an accident. I feel cross and sad that somebody could hurt an animal.”

At about 7.30pm on Tuesday Oreo, a 10-year-old Bengal cat, sat meowing outside a window of Tanya’s home in the Charles Tye area.

When Tanya went outside she saw that his tail appeared fractured and was bleeding. She assumed her pet had been hit by a car but an X-ray the following day revealed he had been shot in the tail by an air gun.

Police have appealed for anyone with information about the shooting, which is believed to have happened between 7am and 7pm on Tuesday, to come forward.

Tanya said she had seen several cases of pets being shot by air guns while working with the Stowe Veterinary Group but that thankfully it was a rare occurrence.

Oreo does not stray far from home. Tanya said: “I feel sad that I live somewhere where somebody could do this.”

Anyone with information relating to this crime should contact Sgt Kieron Pederick from Mid Suffolk South Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101 quoting ST/14/1265 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.




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