Masterplan for north east Bury St Edmunds site approved but infrastructure still an issue

Bury Vision 2031 logo ENGANL00120120102104109

Bury Vision 2031 logo ENGANL00120120102104109

A masterplan for the development of land to the north east of Bury St Edmunds, which would see around 1,250 new homes built, was adopted by St Edmundsbury Borough Council on Monday.

But councillors concerned about ‘the lack of a coherent transport project’ ensured its adoption was subject to a transport assessment being considered by the council’s sustainable development committee.

Cllr Juia Wakelam said: “We just have this total lack of coherent thinking around traffic implications with Vision 2031. We keep passing these masterplans and asking ‘what are they going to do about traffic?’ I’d like to hear, not just complaints, but action.”

Cllr Trevor Beckwith said an ‘overall traffic strategy’ was needed for developers to work around, while Cllr Terry Clements said developers could only be asked to provide the infrastructure ‘required to overcome detrimental impacts resulting from that development’.




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