Hot tub business duo ready for big launch

The Tub Company is launching a new hot tub, the Red Spa, at the NEC in January.

Pictured: Richard Smith

The Tub Company is launching a new hot tub, the Red Spa, at the NEC in January. Pictured: Richard Smith

A Bury St Edmunds-based hot tub company is launching its own branded tub at the NEC in Birmingham in the new year.

The Tub Company was set up by former engineers Richard Smith and Edward Lui in Ipswich in 2003 but moved to Bury five years ago.

The pair’s new ‘Red Spa’ hottub – Red being a mix of Richard and Ed – is being launched nationally in January.

Richard said: “I went on honeymoon to the United States and everybody seemed to have a hot tub over there.

“I suffer from a bad back but felt like a new man after spending time in the tub.

“I looked at the industry over here and hot tubs were so much money.

“But when I looked at the tubs in more detail, I couldn’t see where the money was going – it didn’t look like it was going into the product.

“So we started looking for manufacturers to build our own tub.”

Richard said to design a new, affordable, hot tub it was a case of using their engineering experience to source the right parts at the best price.

“With other products like cars for example you have to get a manufacturer to build a base to your specifications,” he said.

“Then it is all about paying the right price for all the other components.

“There can be 10 parts that look the same but are differently priced – for me it is about knowing what to pay for each part.”

Richard said they decided to move the company to Bury as it was a more ‘up and coming town’.

So far, the Red Spa has been available only to customers at the business’ showroom in Bury but after the launch, they hope to roll out the range across the UK.

Richard said he was thrilled to be launching their own product.

“We are very excited about launcing the new tub nationally. We just hope everyone likes the product as much as we do.

“I don’t know of anything better for the money out there.”

The company’s showroom is in Mercer’s Road or visit www.thetubcompany.co.uk




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