Gallery: Trust’s decade giving new homes to retired hounds

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The Retired Greyhound Trust’s Mildenhall branch is celebrating 10 years of placing dogs into happy families.

The branch was launched by Janine Pettifor and Ann Raymond in 2004.

Janine said: “We were friends from school and in a strange turn we both ended up working for greyhound trainers as kennel hands.

“Our love of the breed brought us together to approach the Retired Greyhound Trust to ask if we could run kennel space.”

The pair took over kennel space close to Mildenhall Stadium, where greyhound racing takes place.

In their first year they rehomed 15 greyhounds. Last year they rehomed 85.

Dogs that have retired, been injured, or are not fast enough to compete come to be cared for and rehomed by the trust in Mildenhall.

Janine said the dogs could be of various ages, temperaments sizes and colours.

She said: They’re a very placid, gentle dog and I think that’s the main thing people overlook.

“You always look at the pretty, fluffy dog - they may not be the prettiest but they have the most appealing eyes.

“If people look past the size and look into the eyes they see how gentle and kind they are.”

The trust needs volunteers to help with home checks, caring for dogs, and fund-raising.

If you are able to help or are interested in adopting a dog contact 01638 716578.




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