Gallery: Last show for massive models at Rougham?

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The weekend’s Large Model Aircraft Show at Rougham could be the last held there, the organisers have warned.

Dave Johnson, chairman of the national Large Model Association, said: “They’ve been talking about a road going through the airfield for years. Until we get firm plans , we don’t know if we’ll be back.

“It’s a shame because it’s the only one we do in the area.”

In spite of a poor weather forecast, 72 models were on display, the largest being Dave’s own 20ft wingspan Vulcan bomber, powered by four miniature jet engines at £3,000 each.

There was also an 18ft wingspan RAF VC-10 tanker flown by a crew who once flew the real thing.

Other models depicted aircraft from World War One onwards, including a B17 Flying Fortress, whose owner brings it from Glasgow to fly at the former B17 base.

The Wellington bomber brought by Tony Hooper was also a type flown from Rougham by the RAF before the Americans arrived.




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