Dowsers gather in Bury to hone their skills

Derek Woodhead dowsing in the Abbey Gardens  ANL-140106-204517009

Derek Woodhead dowsing in the Abbey Gardens ANL-140106-204517009

Some of the UK’s most experienced dowsers where honing their skills in Bury St Edmunds’ Abbey Gardens last weekend.

They were in town for a British Society of Dowsers conference focussing on water dowsing and earth energy dowsing.

On Saturday a series of lectures were held on improving water dowsing skills, map dowsing, dowsing for earth energies and on sensing subtle energies around us. Sunday was spent dowsing in the Abbey Gardens to fine tune their skills in detecting underground water and in tracking and assessing the natural subtle energies of the landscape.

Derek Woodhead, leader of the Essential St Edmunds Dowsing Group, said: “Dowsing is an ancient art, much relied on in the past and is a basic natural human faculty.

“With the world’s fresh water supply per person diminishing there is an increasing need for water dowsing skills in locating and assessing water resources, checking contamination, purity and wastage.”

Dowsing is also used to explore a wide variety of topics including archaeology, health and plant energies.

Anyone interested in learning more about dowsing can contact Derek on 01284-811120 or or visit the British Society of Dowsers website at




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