Car wash scam warning in Bury carparks

Beware of car wash scammers in Bury carparks

Beware of car wash scammers in Bury carparks

Bury St Edmunds car park users have today been warned to watch out for a scam which claims to offer free parking if they have a car wash.

St Edmundsbury’s Car Parks Manager Cameron Findlay said: “It’s a straightforward scam. We only give free parking after 3pm on Tuesdays (and from 3pm on Thursdays in the run-up to Christmas) and we do not offer a car washing service at any of our car parks.

“My understanding is that the people involved are boasting they’ve pocketed money from users of other car parks in town as well, so watch out and don’t get caught out.”

The fraudsters were spotted today in the Cattle Market/arc underground car park. Police have been informed and are studying CCTV to try and identify those carrying out the scam.

“What’s even more galling is they don’t even wipe a windscreen — they simply pocket the money and skedaddle,” Cameron said.

Anyone has any information about the scam should call the police on 101.




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