Campaign: The clean-up of Bury St Edmunds begins

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Graffiti scrawled along Risbygate Street has been removed after the Bury Free Press said to residents and businesses ‘Let’s Be Proud Of Bury’.

Several pieces of graffiti were removed from a wall belonging to B&Q after the DIY store contacted town centre business group OurBuryStEdmunds and asked to take advantage of its free removal service.

Mark Cordell, of OurBuryStEdmunds, said: “The Bury Free Press campaign on graffiti has illustrated what can be done when you get community based and well intentioned organisations, such as ourselves, coming together to address an issue promptly and deal with it effectively.

“This free service for businesses is part of our commitment to ensure the environment of the town centre remains attractive and encourages people to visit.”

Cllr David Nettleton is one of those calling for more action on unsightly vandalism in the town.

He said: “We have the Bury festival coming up and this year is Magna Carta year. We are trying to get more people coming in and we want to get the place to look inviting so they come again.”

A slew of graffiti was removed from the wall in Risbygate Street including the tag ‘comfy?’, which is repeated around the town.

Mr Cordell said: “It’s good to see the wall restored. What’s important is that it does not happen again. We have houses opposite – we need people to let police know if they see anything.”

The wall was cleaned by Richard Poole, of Graffiti Removal, using the most environmentally-friendly products available.

Melanie Lesser, of Bury in Bloom, said: “It’s fantastic. I’m amazed how quickly it has been removed.”

The Bury Free Press launched its campaign ‘Let’s Be Proud Of Bury’ last week and is asking businesses and residents to join together and clean up the town after the recent spate of graffiti.

Both Waitrose and Havebury Housing have taken action to have graffiti cleaned from Kings Road since we launched our campaign.

John Feveyear, neighbourhood communities co-ordinator at Havebury Housing Partnership, said: “Havebury takes great pride in the areas where we have homes. We support the Bury Free Press in their campaign to Be Proud of Bury”.

Ricky Mckenna, Waitrose manager said: “It’s not pretty. It’s not something our customers want to see.”

St Edmundbsury Borough Council has also removed graffiti that had rendered a sign in Spring Lane and Tayfen Reserve unusable.

We still need your help to do more.

Send us your photos of graffiti or pictures of town centre spaces that need clearing up to




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