Bury St Edmunds remembers the Holocaust

Holocaust Memorial Service in the Abbey Gardens

Holocaust Memorial Service in the Abbey Gardens

A cold dank day marked this year’s Holocaust memorial service staged in the Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds this morning.

A small group of people including schoolchildren gathered in the Memorial Garden to join many across the UK who reflected on the Nazi atrocities carried out on the Jews in World War Two.

The day marks the liberation of the Auswitch Birkenau death camp 69 years ago at the end of the war and recalled the mass murder of thousands of people by the Nazis.

The day is also used to reflect on more modern acts of cruelty and murder in more recent genocides which have been carried out including Rwanda, Dafur and Bosnia.

Canon Matthew Vernon, sub dean of St Edmundsbury Cathedral, lead the service and was joined by Mayor of St Edmundsbury Cllr Terry Buckle, cllrs and members of the Jewish community.

This year’s service took the theme of Journeys, ranging from the journeys experienced by those sent to the camps to how survivors came to the UK and how in many instances journeys have been part of the experience of rebuilding.

After the service which featured a series of readings and music children from Guildhall Feoffment and St James’ Middle School planted snowdrops in the garden.




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