Bury St Edmunds couple in shock over damage to home

House in Blackthorn Walk, Bury, with stains on bricks and woodwork after used engine oil was thrown at it

House in Blackthorn Walk, Bury, with stains on bricks and woodwork after used engine oil was thrown at it

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Houseproud Clive and Mel Vittles were devastated to find masses of used engine oil dripping from the front of their house last week.

The Bury St Edmunds couple were left heartbroken and shocked by damage from the thick, black substance, which has stained the bricks and woodwork of the Blackthorn Walk property they have lived in for 20 years.

It was thrown overnight last Thursday, with Mr Vittles discovering it when he returned home from work at around 6.30am on Friday.

He said: “It wasn’t quite light and I looked and thought ‘whatever’s that on my windows’ and I thought ‘oh God’–it was running down the front door, all down the sides, everywhere, all down my windows.

“I had to focus my eyes but as I got closer I could smell it. I dabbed it where it was running and I realised it was oil, but I could really smell it by then anyway.

“It was heartbreaking. I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t take it in. It got worse the more I looked at it.”

The father-of-three ran upstairs to fetch his wife who had been asleep and had not heard a thing.

Mel, who burst into tears at the sight of it, said: “I just didn’t know where to start. You just don’t expect it. You build your house to be nice and it’s devastating when someone does that to you.”

Clive, a hygiene supervisor, added: “I felt like crying too. All that work you put into your house. It’s just sheer stupidity, mindless vandalism. It looks disgusting – I felt embarrassed.”

The couple, who also have seven grandchildren, spent about an hour cleaning off what they could from their door and windows, assisted by the use of a neighbour’s pressure washer.

The rest will be taken care of by their insurance company.

Police are treating this as criminal damage and are appealing for anyone with information to call Sgt David Hill at the Bury East/West SNT on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.

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