Britain’s Got Talent star on song for workshop

Britain's Got Talent finalist Sam Kelly talks to pupils at Stowupland High School at their songwriting event.

Britain's Got Talent finalist Sam Kelly talks to pupils at Stowupland High School at their songwriting event.

Britain’s Got Talent finalist Sam Kelly visited Stowupland High School on Monday to teach students the basics of how to craft a song.

His visit was part of the fast-approaching West Suffolk Rock and Pop Awards initiative, where music industry experts conduct workshops at secondary schools across West Suffolk - culminating in a battle of the bands at the Apex on February 28.

Sam said: “The main reason why I wanted to come to schools and help teach is that I wish someone had done this when I was at school.

“I would have been inspired by someone who wasn’t a music teacher, someone in the position I am in now.

“A lot of what I am doing is what the music teacher teaches anyway but I guess it is different for someone to teach you from a similar age group.”

The BGT star joined Sam Robson from Industry Education in Music, who have organised the initiative, in teaching pupils about how a song is put together.

Sam Robson, IEM Tour Manager, said: “We are visiting schools to deliver modern music industry education assisted by Sam Kelly.

“We talk about real life in the music industry.

“We teach things like song writing and performing but also teach the students about other careers in the industry that are not necessarily musical, careers that many of the students don’t know about.

“The evening at the Apex is less of a competition and more of a celebration of all the good work the students have done.”

One band from each school in the initiative will be chosen to perform at the awards night.

Stowupland’s contenders are six form band “Should be Kings”.

Stowupland High School’s Director of learning and creative arts, Vicky Clubb, said: “The students get the opportunity to talk to someone in the industry who is actually doing it now.

“They learn about the support systems in the business and about all the other jobs to do with music.”

Easton and Otley College is sponsoring the event and supporting the ‘Best Live Performance’ prize. Havebury Housing Partnership is sponsoring ‘Best Image’. Suffolk County Council ‘Best Musicians’ and Bury Free Press ‘Most Likely to Make It.”




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