Barton Mills launches scheme to trash speeding in village

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A new campaign will see Barton Mills streets populated with 30mph reminders aimed at reducing speeding in the village.

The stickers will be put on wheelie bins to remind drivers of the speed limit in the village.

Barton Mills Parish Council Chairman, Robert Lewis, said there were several places in the village where councillors felt speeding was a problem.

These include The Street, Bell Lane and Mildenhall Road.

Cllr Lewis said that the problems had not been felt to be serious enough to warrant specific speed targeting initiatives from police, Forest Heath District Council or Suffolk County Council.

This scheme, initiated by the parish council, will see stickers bearing a large 30mph sign and text reminding drivers to take care as they travel through the village put on wheelie bins.

Cllr Lewis said: “Worlington Parish Council has done a similar scheme and we thought it did catch the eye .

“We’ve got enough stickers to give two or three to all of the properties on the streets.

“We will be giving them out over the next couple of weeks.”

Cllr Lewis said the parish council felt the scheme was cost-effective, costing only £200 to implement.

The idea for its implementation in Barton Mills came from village resident Norma Chapman.

Mrs Chapman said she saw the stickers dotted throughout Worlington and thought it was a ‘wonderful’ idea.

She said: “I think they are a brilliant idea. So many people go through here to fast.”

The stickers will be handed out by Parish Councillors to Barton Mills residents over the next few weeks.




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