Annual campaign brings blooms to Bury

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Bury in Bloom has launched its annual campaign to bring colour, beauty and blooms to the town.

Plans include creating a river of flowers on Tollgate roundabout, planting poppies in the Abbey Gardens to mark the centenary of World War One and a display of wild flowers in the Great Churchyard.

Members of Bury in Bloom launched the campaign with town figures and last year’s young award winners in the Abbey Gardens.

Chairman Simon Pott, said: “This has grown exponentially.

“It’s a great thing about involving the committee and as many people as it can. It’s getting people together, from children through to old age pensioners.

“The lovely thing is getting them all together and having a great deal of fun benefitting Bury St Edmunds.”

Mr Pott has high ambitions for this year’s campaign.

He said: “We want to achieve the gold standard - and there’s no reason why we should not be awarded regionally, nationally and internationally.”

Sunflowers are the motif of this year’s campaign, which includse a competition to see whose bloom grows the tallest.

Previous projects of Bury in Bloom include installing sculptures telling the story of the town on roundabouts.

Alan Jary, Chairman of the Bury Society, of which Bury in Bloom is a sub-committee, said: It’s been a roaring success we are very proud of it.”

Mr Jary said the campaign was not simply about flowers but about improving the entire outlook of the town. He said the committee has plans for many years ahead.




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