Accolade for Vic’s 100 life-saving blood donations

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When Vic Turner first started giving blood, his aim was to make 10 donations to receive a badge.

More than 40 years later, the retired motor engineer this week made his 100th donation in Bury St Edmunds and received a special award for his life-saving actions..

The 68-year-old, of Hawstead, said: “It’s a good cause and the 100th was something to aim for. I thought ‘I’m going to go for it’ as I was fit enough.

“I’m going to carry on doing it as long as I’m fit and able.”

Derek Carr, lead donor relations manger for NHS Blood and Transplant in the East, hailed Mr Turner’s milestone as an ‘outstanding achievement’.

Mr Carr said: “He will literally have helped hundreds of patients because each donation can help upto three different patients.

“I hope others will follow his example in saving lives. We’re always seeking for people to come forward.”

Men can donate four times a year and women three times.

For further details visit www.blood.co.uk




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