A hidden castle in Haughley

Haughley Parish Council has recently revamped the village's children's play area

Haughley Parish Council has recently revamped the village's children's play area

The chairman of Haughley Parish Council has said the village has come on leaps and bounds this year - but more needs to be done.

Alan Shaw said the village had recently completed a refurbishment of its children’s play area and was now looking at where the parish council budget should be spent next year.

The council has asked for local groups and organisations to report back what projects they think should be invested in and supported.

Mr Shaw said: “We are a very busy, community-minded village.

“We have just finished revamping all the children’s play equipment here in Haughley - that was a big community project.

“But through local volunteers and grant giving bodies we have managed to complete it.

“We now have a lovely play area which is heavily used.

“A lot of consideration went into it to work out what was required.

“But there is more that needs to be done in the village.”

Mr Shaw said the parish council plans to carry out a housing survey in the new year after a rise in the demand for homes in the village.

He said: “One of the problems we face is that people with family connections simply cannot find housing here in Haughley.

“We are going to carry out a housing survey to work out, with Mid Suffolk District Council, how to accomodate this need. The housing survey will go out to all the residnets of Haughley but we are also calling for a response from people that have had to move out of the village.

“There are sons and daughters of people of Haughley on the first step of the ladder being pushed out to Stowmarket as there is simply not the housing here.”

But Mr Shaw said that was not the only problem affecting the village.

He said: “Haughley Green has the world’s worst broadband service at the moment.

“I know Suffolk County Council have a contract going to upgrade Suffolk’s speeds but these people are seeing it being improved in Bacton but not them. I imagine it is very soul destroying.”




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