Local election results

Conservatives looked as though they continued to dominate the region's local councils as results came in from yesterday's local government elections.

Bury St Edmunds Town Council is now controlled by the party set up to abolish it, with the ABC candidates taking overall control with 10 out of the 17 seats.

Former leading light on St Edmundsbury Borough Council Mike Brundle, standing for ABC, failed to get in while Brian Lockwood, another former borough councillor, lost by one vote to Richard Rout (Con).

St Edmundsbury Borough Council had strong Conservative gains with 36 Conservatives (up eight seats). Labour lost six seats leaving them with just three councillors. Lib Dems and Independents ended the day with three each.

Mid Suffolk saw a strong swing to Conservatives, where the overall result was Conservatives 22 (up three seats) Labour 0 (with the loss of two seats - that of Duncan McPherson and Ron Snell. The Lib Dems also lost two seats, while Green Party candidates Andrew Stringer and John Matthisson held their positions. Two candidates standing as Suffolk Together were elected.

Forest Heath showed Conservatives with a massive control. Overall, Conservatives had 22 seats (down one), Independent one, Forest Heath Independent Alliance two, Lib Dem two seats (an increase of one).

Breckland District Council's count which was one of five in the country counting votes electronically had its results delayed in the morning after the system broke down and staff had to be drafted in to count the votes by hand. It was back functioning in the afternoon but the final results were not due to be in until 6pm.

St Edmundsbury Borough Council

Abbeygate two seats

Paul Farmer Con 819

Richard Rout Con 582

Mark Bergdahl Ind 519

Clare Higson Lib Dem 348

Richie Tennant Green 309


John Hale Con 540

Tracy Lumley UKIP 179


David Ray Con 494

David Bradbury Lib Dem 288

James Lumley UKIP 80


Ian Charles Houlder Con 385

Vivienne Hughes Ind 276

Verity Hall Lib Dem 95


Nigel Aitkens Con unopposed


Pat Warby Con 315

Diane Hind Lab 204


David Chappell Lib Dem 285

Rowland Lester Con 209

Alan Murdie Ind 174

Great Barton

Sarah Broughton Con 553

Christine Stainer Lib Dem 152

Horringer and Whelnethan one seat

Terry Clements Con 450

Robin Davies Lab 126

Gordon Hughes Lib Dems 120


John Griffiths Con 434

Snowy Snowdon Ind 111

Steve Cannon Lib Dems 94

Minden two seats

Margaret Charlesworth Con 826

Robert Everitt Con 671

Kevin Waterson Lab 500

Kevin Hind Lab 464

Moreton Hall three seats

Trevor Beckwith Ind 837

Frank Warby Con 782

Terry Buckle Con 758

Clive Springett Con 586

Brian Wesley Lib Dem 403

Geoff Hills Lib Dem 402


David Lockwood Lab 334

Ella Wood Con 174


Christopher Spicer Con 423

Richard Stainer Lib Dem 168


Helen Levack Con 482

Christopher Tidman Lib Dem 150

Liz Millwood Lab 90

Risbygate two seats

David Nettleton Ind 548

Christopher Turner Con 381

Paul Simner Con 373

Cliff Hind Lab 232

Robert Corfe Lab 231


Sara Mildmay-White Con 524

Adrian Grenville Lab 126

Southgate two seats

Charles Bradbury Lib Dem 730

Allan Jones Lib Dem 700

James Dinsdale Con 613

Georgina Kennedy Con 597

St Olaves two seats

Bob Cockle Lab 496

Mark Ereira Lab 444

James Cockram Con 244

Hugh Tracy-Forster Con 230


Jim Thorndyke Con 529

Mary Toulson Lib Dem 152

Westgate two seats

Lynsey Alexander Con 623

Stephen Oliver Con 614

Daniel Warren Lib Dem 587

Elizabeth Jones Lib Dem 584


Derek Redhead Ind 388

Christine Kennedy Con 255

Ken Rolph Lib Dem 92


Robert Clifton-Brown Con unopposed.

Bury Town Council

Abbeygate two seats

Andrew Frost ABC 724

Richard Rout Con 641

Brian Lockwood 640


Alan Reed ABC 287

Diane Hind Lab 185

Minden two seats

Patrick Chung Con 619

Kevin Waterson Lab 429

Kevin Hind Lab 383

Colin Montgomery ABC 364

Irene Speakman ABC 347

Moreton Hall three seats

Roy Bebbington ABC 753

Clive Springett Con 738

Arthur Dunn ABC 649

Russell Moles ABC 587


Edward Lockwood ABC 284

Alan Turner Lab 184

Risbygate two seats

Christopher Turner Con 400

Paul William Simner Con 378

Mike Brundle ABC 275

Robert Corfe Lab 264

Cliff Hind Lab 264

Joan Brundle ABC 255

Southgate two seats

Les Berry ABC 695

Allen Lloyd ABC 600

James Dinsdale Con 490

Beverley Dinsdale Con 483

St Olaves two seats

Bob Cockle Lab 420

Michelle Lockwood ABC 378

Clare Phillips ABC 255

Westgate two seats

Keith Bird ABC 667

Paul Davies ABC 618

Stephen Oliver Con 569

Babergh District Council

Brett Vale:

Desmond Keane (Con) 474

Nigel Adam (Lib Dem) 278


James Long unopposed


Philip Gibson unopposed

North Cosford:

Clive Arthey 571

Taz Kavvadias (Con) 331

South Cosford:

Brian Lazenby (Lib Dem) 451

Patricia Cave (Con) 214

Mid Suffolk District Council

Bacton and Old Newton:

Sarah Stringer (Ind) 473

Terence Curran (Con) 392

Badwell Ash:

Roy Barker (Con) 782

Ann Gath (Lib Dem) 152

John Jones (BNP) 105

Barking and Somersham:

Robin Richardson (Lid Dem) 266

Jeremy Smith (Con) 286

Stephen Wright )(Suffolk Together) 362

Elmswell and Norton: (two seats)

Stephen Carlton-Walker (Con) 600

Nina Cawthorne (UKIP) 167

Sarah Mansel (Ind) 503

Carol Milward (Lid Dem) 674

Doug Reed (Lib Dem) 573


Diana Kearsley (Con) 690

Terence O'Keefe (Lab) 188

Haughley and Wetherden:

Geoff Clarke (Lib Dem) 309

Bruce Laker (Con) 354

Jenny Overett (Green) 122

Helmingham and Coddenham:

Ian Chapman (Lib Dem) 212

Timothy Passmore (Con) 571


Jessica Fleming (Vcon) 225

Lesley Reed (Lib Dem) 18

Andrew Stringer (Green) 838

Needham Market: (two seats)

Veronica Craggs (Con) 324

Alastair Liddell (Con) 445

Wendy Marc hant (Lib Dem) 955

Michael Norris (Loib Dem) 771

Ian Mason (UKIP) 223


Larry Lloyd (Con) 352

John Matthissen (Green) 368

Nicky Turner (Lib Dem) 195


Robert Nodding (Con) 389

Penny Otton (Lib Dem) 473

Rickinghall and Walsham: (two seats)

Eddie Dougall (Lab) 329

Sarah Michell (Con) 918

Derek Osborne (Con) 878

John Stebbing (Lab) 309


Patricia Godden (Lib Dem) 426

Karen Langford (Con) 408

Stowmarket Central: (two seats)

Avis Finbow (Lib Dem) 539

Colin Groundsell (:Lib Dem) 501

Lesley Mayes (Con) 696

Poppy Robinson (Con) 719

Stowmarket North: (three seats)

John Curle (Lib Dem) 589

Gary Green (Con) 1,011

Duncan Macpherson (Lab) 609

Frank Whittle (Con) 984

Peter Woodley (Con) 804

Stowmarket South: (two seats)

Keith Scarff (Lib Dem) 531

Gareth Snell (Lab) 191

Chris Streatfield (UKIP) 133

Christopher Vecchi (Lib Dem) 333

Vera Waspe (Con) 525

David Whybrow (Con) 414


Caroline Byles (Con) 434

Pip Sands (Lib Dem) 168

Ronald Snell (Lab) 143

The Stonhams:

Juliet Betts (Con) 375

Anthony Fowler (Lib Dem) 470

Thurston and Hessett: (two seats)

Richard Flower (Lib Dem) 549

Derrick Haley (Con) 752

David Kemplay (Lib Dem) 478

Rodney Scott (Con) 666


Brian Fearnley (Green) 234

Jim Grimbly (Lib Dem)

Charles Tilbury (Con) 516


Ann Cooke (Lib Dem) 145

Ray Melvin (Ind) 449

Forest Heath:

Brandon East: (three seats)

Stephen John Edwards (Con) 653,

Eddie Stewart (Con) 698

Susan June Vincent (Con) 590

Cyril Arthur Brown (Ind) 335

Reginald Silvester (UKIP) 415

Brandon West: (two seats)

Bill Bishop (Con) 604

Tony Simmons (Con) 351

Tony Wojtasz (Ind) 233

Eriswell and The Rows: (two seats)

Brian Keane (Con) 562

Terence Waters (Con) 716

David Chandler (UKIP) 304

Great Heath: (two seats)

Nigel Roman (Con) 475

Tony Wheble (Con) 359

John Barker (Ind) 248

David Hitchman (Ind) 168

David Whitear (UKIP) 128


Rona Burt (Con) unopposed

Lakenheath: (two seats)

Simon Flack (Con) 560

David Gathercole (Con) 650

David Lucas (Ind) 426

Ian Smith (UKIP) 303

Richard Smith (UKIP) 188


Sue Syvret (Con) unopposed

Market Ward: (two seats)

John McGhee (Con) 494

Malcolm Smith (Con) 436

George Hayes (UKIP) 254

Bert Hittt (UKIP) 214

Red Lodge: two seats)

Lisa Chambers(Con) unopposed

Steven James (Con) unopposed

King's Lynn and West Norfolk

Denton Ward: (three seats)

Adrian Lawrence (local Con) 1,037, Mick Peake (local Con) 1,000, Martin Storey (local Con) 1,133, David Bick (UKIP) 454, Paul Coulten (Lib Dem) 420