Loan offered to save community project

Lakenheath Royal British Legion
Lakenheath Royal British Legion
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A loan to help save a former community hub in Lakenheath has been offered by Forest Heath District Council.

Last week the council said it would be unable to provide financial assistance to help a project looking to save the former Royal British Legion Club.

However at a meeting on Wednesday evening councillors agreed to offer a loan of up to £75,000.

Cllr Robin Millar, Forest Heath Cabinet member for Families and Communities, said: “I think this is great news it puts the onus back on the village to organise themselves to figure out what resources they have. If we can give them some more time to bring things together by offering this bridging loan facility - that’s fantastic.”

Named The People’s Project and spearheaded by the Brendan Fulham, chairman of the Village Hall Committee, the scheme aims to purchase the land, in High Street, and build a modern community centre,

To purchase the land £120,000 must be raised by April 7.

The council has offered the loan with an interest rate of 10 per cent.

Mr Fulham said: “I’m pleased that the district council has agreed this because it does give us a drop back position if we are unable to raise the funds.”

Mr Fulham said the 10 per cent interest rate offered by the council would be difficult but he accepted their position.

The People’s Project will continue to explore options to raise funds for the purchase and development of the site.