Bands: LapLuCas
Bands: LapLuCas
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Bury-based nu-metal hip-hop collective LapLuCas are debuting at the Hunter Club on Saturday.

With their motto ‘music for the people by the people’ GoldieGold, Deezy, TC, J and Clive bring a message with their music.

Goldie Gold said their aim was to make people more aware about political issues - but not to tell them what to think.

He said: ““We want to highlight the headlines.

“We want to tell people what is happening in the world.

“But nothing we say or do is about telling people what to think - that’s anti our message.

“We bring an issue to people’s attention and let them decide.”

LapLuCas are performing as part of the Washing Machine night at the Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds on February 16 .

GoldieGold said: “It’s going to be cool.

“We want our 15 minutes of fame at the Washing Machine.”

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